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Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

“From our very first day there, we were impressed with the homey atmosphere, caring staff, and professionalism. It was such a relief to know that our boys would not only be well-cared for, but cherished, while we were at work.”

- Chelsey Rasmussen, MD, OB/GYN
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

“I was considering a nanny and was reluctant to visit day care centers for my son, but after two people recommended KECC, I decided to check it out. It’s the ideal situation, and we’ve been very pleased with the care.”

- Lori Lowe
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

“I was thrilled to find a day care in which my daughters would play in a living room, eat in a kitchen, and sleep in a bedroom rather than to be confined to a single room all day.”

- Tina L. Harrison, MD
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

“Kelley’s doesn’t just take care of children; they take care of families, making sure that my child has the best possible care, full of unconditional love.”

- Sharon Cruse
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

“After touring the KECC facility prior to having our daughter, I knew that I had found a match. The overall layout of the daycare allowed me to see the vision of child care that Kelley’s stands for and delivers on. Most appealing to me was the flexible age groupings throughout the houses which were adapted to meet the social, emotional, and developmental needs of the children. The combined child development theories of Piaget and Vygotsky which fosters the idea of learning through play were evident and appropriately weaved through each of the three houses. As an educator, this was extremely important to me.”

- Kristie Sweeney
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

“My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the care that our son has received at KECC. We got off to a rocky start finding a good daycare for him… after trying three other daycares (including an in-home facility and a traditional, large daycare), we visited KECC. We knew right away that it was the right place for us.”

- Melanie Allen
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

“Leaving my little ones in the morning was never easy, but I knew that they were safe and loved by your teachers. It is clear that your staff genuinely cares about the wellbeing and development of each child. The environment you provide is the best of both worlds, a loving home and a place to learn and grow. I would strongly recommend Kelley’s to any parent who wants both the developmental benefits of a “classroom” and the special attention of a loving in-home caregiver.”

- Michelle Hamilton
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

"Shannon, I just want to say, you're amazing." "Thank you for all you do! You've basically ruined all other daycares for me, its both a blessing and a curse that our very first daycare experience was with KECC."

- Rezan Akgul
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

"Josh and I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you do to give Everett the safest most nurturing environment you can provide. It warms our hearts to see the pure joy on his face every morning when he is greeted at the door, and the disappointment on his face when I pick him up. 🙂 As a first time mom and an essential worker its been such a relief to know that when Everett is in your care he is in the best hands in the business. Josh and I couldn't ask for more. Thank you for everything you do. We appreciate you! "

-Josh & Jenni Lee
Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care

"As a new mom, the thought of leaving my baby with complete strangers was paralyzing. From the moment I met Shannon and her team I felt like I found a second family for me AND my daughter. They are the most caring and professional individuals in the business and I am so happy with my decision to trust them as they come alongside my husband and I in raising our daughter." I" would make the same decision to go with KECC.....EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!"

- Talia (Mark) Brookshire